Working Principle:

Ultrasonic humidifiers use a piezo-electric transducer to create a high frequency mechanical oscillation in a body of water . The water tries to follow the high frequency oscillation but cannot because of its comparative weight and mass inertia .

Thus, a momentary vacuum is created on the negative oscillation,causing the water to cavitate into vapor . The transducer follows this with a positive oscillation that fine mist, about one micron in diameter, that is quickly absorbed into the air flow . Since the mist is created by oscillation, not heat , the water Temperature need not to be raised . Ultrasonic humidifiers, therefore, can create instantaneous humidity, and don’t have to wait for a heating element to boil the water .

This precise on/off humidity control is the hallmark of ultrasonic humidifiers . In addition , unlike wet pad humidifiers, ultrasonic units can be of comparatively small size, and still produce significant amounts of vapor . When the sensors which pick up ultrasonic humidifier has decreased below a certain level of humidity of the air ultrasonic humidifier comes into operation . When, however , capture a high degree of moisture the cool mist humidifier is turned off . In this way is very simple to maintain a high degree of humidity within a room as the cool mist humidifier works automatically .


Internal adopting integrated type ultrasound machine no mechanical drive, no noise, Producing certain negative ion and low failure rate and easy maintenance the output fog grain diameter only be 1-10 u . The stainless steel body, powder coated, beautiful appearance, standard filling water mouth,switch and outlet water spill, including nozzle to be automatic filling water, automatic control water level ; High atomization efficiency ( nearly 100% ): producing small and even fog, quickly meeting the requirements of the relative humidity, saving waterb Droplet Size: Steam-size droplets,One micron droplets allow for Immediate evaporation like steam . Competitive spray nozzle systems create up to 20 micron droplets,risking wetness on equipment and in ductwork .


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